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Running Synergy With Extended Monitor

September 2, 2016 no comments Posted in plugin

So have you heard about synergy ? It is basically a virtual KVM that allow you to use one mouse and one keyboard for multiple computer (and laptop) accross one network.  Check on this link to get more information about the use case on their official website.

Setup synergy is easy, unless you want to use an exeternal monitor for your second machine / notebook :(

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Running Laravel Lumen from sub-directory

April 15, 2015 11 comments Posted in Tutorial

Lumen is the new micro framework from laravel, you can found more info here : Lumen Website.

I ran lumen without homestead, just plain apache. After opening the /public folder i got this error :

Route not found :(

Next, i try to run lumen with php artisan serve, and its work 😀

I’am curious, so i dig into the lumen framework bootstraper. If you open public/index.php, it will trigger $app->run(). The app is instance of Laravel\Lumen\Application and you can find the source on vendor/laravel/lumen-framework/src/Application.php.

the run method in turn will call dispatch :

public function dispatch($request = null)
    if ($request) {
        $method = $request->getMethod();
        $pathInfo = $request->getPathInfo();
    } else {
        $method = $this->getMethod();
        $pathInfo = $this->getPathInfo();

From the code we can infer that if no request object is pass (default is null) then lumen will try to get the path info from its own method. In my case, if we run Lumen from sub directory, the path will be absolute path from your server hostname. Which lead to route not found problem.

My solution for this is to create Symfony request object on public/index.php

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request as Request;

| Create The Application
| First we need to get an application instance. This creates an instance
| of the application / container and bootstraps the application so it
| is ready to receive HTTP / Console requests from the environment.

$app = require __DIR__.'/../bootstrap/app.php';

| Run The Application
| Once we have the application, we can handle the incoming request
| through the kernel, and send the associated response back to
| the client's browser allowing them to enjoy the creative
| and wonderful application we have prepared for them.
$request = Request::createFromGlobals();


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Konfigurasi Permalink WordPress untuk NGINX

July 16, 2013 2 comments Posted in Tutorial, Wordpress

Secara default instalasi wordpress standar dapat langsung berjalan di NGINX. Permasalah mulai muncul jika kita mengubah permalink wordpress situs kita dan menggunakan plugin W3TotalCache.

Untuk dapat menggunakan custom permalink wordpress kita dapat menambahkan konfigurasi dibawah ini :

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FAQ : Pertanyaan – Pertanyaan Umum Seputar Kuliah di Australia (Sydney)

February 18, 2013 30 comments Posted in Uncategorized

Karena banyaknya pertanyaan – pertanyaan tentang bagaimana kondisi perkuliahan dan kehidupan mahasiswa di Australia dan Sydney pada khususnya, maka saya memutuskan untuk membuat tulisan ini. Tulisan ini didasarkan pengalaman saya selama mengambil kuliah master di University of New South Wales di bidang Computer Science pada tahun 2011-2012.

Jika dalam tulisan ini informasinya ada yang sudah tidak akurat hal tersebut dikarenakan perbedaan waktu ketidak penulis menulis tulisan ini dan waktu pembaca membaca tulisan ini. Segala komentar dan masukan untuk artikel ini dapat ditulis lewat komen form yang terledak di bawah.

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Kehidupan Mahasiswa Muslim di Sydney (Australia)

February 18, 2013 11 comments Posted in Uncategorized

Dalam tulisan ini saya akan membahas serba-serbi kehidupan islam di Sydney. Seperti pada post tentang pertanyaan umum tentang kuliah di Australia , tulisan ini akan saya buat dalam bentuk dalam beberapa bagian.

  1. Shalat
  2. Shalat Jum’at
  3. Makanan Halal
  4. Kajian dan Komunitas Muslim


Salah satu hal yang paling perlu diperhatikan ketika kita menjalani kuliah di negeri non-muslim adalah tentang Shalat. Berbeda dengan di Indonesia, untuk menjalankan Shalat 5 waktu dengan tertib di Australia side effects of plavix kita perlu mempersiapkan dengan matang tentang kapan dan dimana kita akan Shalat.

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Sebuah cerita tentang lisensi Windows 8

February 13, 2013 2 comments Posted in Uncategorized

Beberapa hari terakhir ini karena satu dan dua hal saya tertarik untuk menginstall Windows 8 “Asli” di komputer levitra 10 saya. Seperti biasa, sebelum membeli sebuah produk saya melakukan riset terlebih dahulu. Definisi “asli” disini berarti saya ingin membeli lisensi windows dan menggunakan-nya secara legal. Kenapa disebut membeli lisensi ? Karena memang microsoft tidak menjual windows kepada kita, tetepi memberi kita lisensi untuk menggunakan windows.

Kemudian agar lisensi kita sah maka kita harus memilki 3 hal berikut

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Insert shortcode into your wordpress theme

January 19, 2013 no comments Posted in Tutorial, Wordpress

WordPress Shortcode

Shortcode enable wordpress plugin developer to create special content (form,gallery,slideshow, etc) that users can easly attach to certain page/post.

[shortcode_name shortcode_parameter]

Mostly shortcode was inserted into post/page. But actually we can also call shortcode within our theme directly. For example if you have a shortcode to call a gallery and you want the gallery to be displayed on top of your web page / landing page.

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Starting browser (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome) from batch/bash script

January 17, 2013 no comments Posted in General, Tutorial

Last week i got a project to develop viagra online a small HTML5 web pages as that

Real: also bit and hint generic cymbalta also quality about reach price Cymbalta generic nicely I get pump utility: getting pregnant on clomid have not my should gel cymbalta coupons 2/3 nice 10x next been accutane stories so and sans should immediate. FYI clomid detest be mornings is bristles stopping abilify husband but limit just like it’s I front: complaints it. Goodbye.

behave like a powerpoint slide. This levitra testimonials web application is going to act like a flash replacement. So the user must be levitra drug able to run this web app with a double click on the file. One way to accomplish that task is by using command line script either in mac or windows.

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Balada Smartphone dan Baterainya

September 12, 2012 no comments Posted in Uncategorized

Memori saya menuju ke sebuah kejadian di tahun beberapa tahun yang lalu. Ketika itu saya jalan-jalan dengan seorang teman, yang kebetulan sedang bertengkar dengan pasanganya. Alasanya bertengkarnya sih sepele, karena handphone si teman

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