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Running Synergy With Extended Monitor

September 2, 2016 no comments Posted in plugin

So have you heard about synergy ? It is basically a virtual KVM that allow you to use one mouse and one keyboard for multiple computer (and laptop) accross one network.  Check on this link to get more information about the use case on their official website.

Setup synergy is easy, unless you want to use an exeternal monitor for your second machine / notebook 🙁

My workstation setup is like this :

My lovely workspace !

So i have one machine running Windows 10 as synergy server. Occasionaly i want to use the monitor for my laptop. I assume you know the basic tutorial of using Synergy , so i won’t describe the basic step..

To make synergy work on both Laptop and its extended monitor , you must :

  1. Define 2 Synergy workspace on Sysnergy server (Windows 10 Machine) -> [workspace-name-1] and [workspace-name-2]
  2. Use the Syenergy Script bellow to activate Synergy client on the laptop

The trick is by using 2 Synergy client 😀 Display 0.1 and 0.0 is the Xorg display on my notebook

ALL HAIL FOR THE GENIUS WHO FOUND THIS TRICK, sorry i forgot where did i found this trick…

Hope this help ! Please share your experience with synergy in the comment bellow.

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